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Integrative Medicine

An holistic, nutritional basis for good health and well-being.

A Natural Way to Heal

The Green Practice is an Integrative Medicine Consultancy that addresses chronic ill health and promotes good health from the perspective of Functional, Nutritional & Environmental Medicine.

Emphasis is placed on ascertaining the underlying cause or potentially preventable causes of ill health and then effecting changes in diet and lifestyle rather than primarily resorting to medication.

Diet and nutrition are fundamental to health and are implicated or associated with around 80% of disease, a fact that was recognised by the US Surgeon General in the 1920s and still holds true today, yet in most cases the first treatment option is to resort to pharmaceutical medication.

Ever since the Garden of Eden, what we eat has had an enormous impact on our lives.


Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek philosopher and physician, “Father of Medicine”, famously declared: “let food be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food”. “You are what you eat” ion today’s parlance

Thomas Edison in 1903 was before his time in suggesting that doctors in the future would give no medicine but “Instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease”

In 1988 the US Surgeon General concluded that 15 our of 21 deaths involved nutritional deficiencies.

All manner of modern day illness may be positively influenced by expert, nutritional intervention. At the Green Practice we pay attention to the prevention and treatment of ill health as well as the maintenance of good health. A personal, holistic approach is paramount in the development of individual programmes for achieving optimal health.

We offer an holistic approach to your health. Our recommendations are scientifically based in order to develop an unique personal programme to optimize function and wellbeing.


The Green Practice fully recognises that many acute and chronic conditions may require the use of pharmaceuticals. However, we firmly believe that the use of drugs should be combined with expert nutritional guidance to deliver the best results.

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